Check these clinical signs of depression and monitor your mental health

Are you the prey of depression?
Depression is a mental disorder, which causes constant sadness, loss of interest, low energy, and low self-esteem. Some people fail to distinguish between sadness and depression. Sadness and depression are not the same things. Sadness is a result of unpleasant incidents and it eventually goes away after some time. On the contrary, several reasons are responsible for depression and it does not go away with time rather has a chance to increase if not treated on time. Sadness is a phase but depression is a mental disorder in which sadness is the primary stage.

Clinical signs of depression

There are some clear and specific clinical signs of depression. These symptoms might vary people to people but the common signs are feeling sad, tired and frustrated. The signs of depression can be very complex and can be seen in both your mind and body. Let’s have a look at them-

Psychological signs of depression

As depression is a mental disorder, psychological symptoms are the most important factors. If you are depressed, you will go through the following states-
• Continuously feeling sad and sometimes without any particular reason. Sadness will increase with time.
• Losing self- confidence and self- esteem. Thinking yourself as an unworthy and failure person.
• Losing all the inspiration to do anything and this will make you mentally tired.
• Having zero tolerance to other people.
• Trying to be isolated from friends, family, and society.
• Feeling stressed and anxious all the time and mostly about your decisions and existence.
• Having trouble to make a decision.
• Feeling guilty even without any reason.
• Having trouble in concentrating or remembering things.
• Feeling unwanted.
• Getting angry with simple incidents, which might not make you angry before.
• Crying a lot.
• Losing the ability to enjoy anything even the things you used to enjoy most and most importantly,
• Having continuous suicidal thoughts and trying to harm yourself.

Physical signs of depression

Depression does not only affect your mind. You will see the symptoms on your body also.
• Losing energy very fast.
• Having trouble sleeping i.e. difficult sleeping at night and waking up in the morning.
• Having problems with your period i.e. late period, a bleeding problem, change in the cycle etc.
• Gaining or losing extreme weight.
• Losing your appetite or eating more than usual even when you are not hungry.
• Having low sex-drive.
• Suffering from a headache, especially a migraine.
• Suffering from pain, especially chest pain and muscle ache.
• Having a digestive problem.
• Talking, walking or working slower than usual.

Try to find out if any of these signs of depression match with you and how often these symptoms stay. Then contact with a doctor as soon as possible. Depression is a very dangerous disease. If not cured on time, it might take your life.

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