Pregnancy by week. Week – 1

We started here discussion pregnancy week by week. Calculation time is usually started on the first day of the month. During this period, there are usually two days of pregnancy. As it is impossible to determine the time of pregnancy, so experts consider the next 40 weeks as the time of pregnancy, from the first day of the last month. This is counted as Due Date.

During the first week of this week, you are not exactly pregnant, because pregnancy occurs after two weeks of your menstrual period. Every time your body goes through a lot of complex hormonal changes every month. This is to prepare the body for pregnancy. So the first day of the menstruation is considered as the first day of pregnancy.

For most mothers, the ovaries are produced within 12-14 days of the beginning of the menstrual cycle. So if you have a pregnancy plan, then physically interact with your partner before or at this time.

This week you can

  • If you have a pregnancy plan, then try to maintain healthy lifestyles. Stay away from smoking and drugs.
  • If you use a medicine, consult with the specialist to find out if it is safe to conceive.
  • Start eating pre-Natal multivitamin while talking to the specialist. Try to eat at least 400 microchemical folic acid every day. It protects from many types of birth defects. False acid is better than starting at least 3 months before pregnancy.
  • Try to stay active. Make light exercise every day.


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