Pregnancy by week. week 35

Your baby’s size is almost equal to a coconut in this week of pregnancy. From this week until her birth, her weight will increase, but she will not grow longer. Now he is about 18 inches long and weighs about 5.5 pounds.

Her senses will now be stronger and her new neural (neuronal) connection will be created every day, so from now on, the omega-3 fatty acid intake will increase. These fatty acids are more in the diet of nut, fish oil, etc. As the stomach is low in the stomach, the child will not rotate so much anymore. But if you think that the movement of the child is too small or not, then tell the doctor immediately. Your baby’s bones will get stronger, although the child’s skull bones are still soft and incompatible to facilitate delivery.

The child’s kidneys are now fully well-organized and started liver and work. The process of physical formation is almost complete within 35 weeks. It will be spent on increasing the weight of the time. At this time the body of the child is 15% fat, which is 30% higher than the birth time. The baby will now slowly get down to the lower cervix. There may be slight pain in the stomach during baby movements. There is nothing to be afraid of, but if the pain is too high or continues for a long time, consult a quick expert.


Condition this week

It will be time for you to be steadfast because the excess weight will tire you and only the back pain will worsen. Now the contraction that comes from your womb is not a symptom of childbirth, but it is just a cure test to adapt to real birth pains.

In the first and last three months, frequent urine velocities are very common. As your pregnancy progresses, the more your child develops, the urine production increases in your body, while at the same time the urine has shrunk in size. Although your urinal is empty, due to pressure you will feel that urinal is filled. At the end of the pregnancy, when the child’s head presses down, this feeling will be even more.

Constipation is a common problem during pregnancy. Most women are usually suffering from constipation during this time. There are several types of problems during pregnancy. If the stomach is not clean then the mother’s body and mind are not good. The stomach is always a discomfort. Sometimes the pain in the abdomen and waist is felt.

Precautions of Precautions The stomach pressure was felt due to the contraction of the uterus muscles. This can occur at least 37 weeks of pregnancy. False Pain or “Braxton Hicks” is a natural practice for the preparation of uterus before being a real labor pane. The rest of the trimester fills a lot of Braxton Hicks and nobody else does it. But the problem is that the fruit pen and what is the real labor pane that first-time pregnancy does not understand many times. If there is a lot of problems then definitely tell the doctor.

Need to do

Your delivery plan should already be made. It’s important that you decide what to do, how and where you want to be delivered during delivery. If you have more children, then you have to decide who will be in care of him / her while you are not there. To get to the hospital, start packing the bags so that at any time when the pains start, only the bag can be taken away. There may be several types of expenses during hospitalization. And make the necessary funds for that beforehand. Keep your relatives close to your needs. Keep in mind those of your relatives who associate your blood group with them. Make preparations to call them for your blood’s needs.

In this situation, it is very difficult to think of pregnancy as a normal situation. You get tired of fatigue, and you do not get comfortable because of the stopping of your breath, no matter how you sit or stand up. But do not try to see them as an affirmation of your bond with your unborn child! This child is one day when he will go to a teenager, he can not get it!

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