Pregnancy by week. week 34

Your baby’s length will be 47 cm in this week of pregnancy and weighing about 5 pounds. His body will be nourished by fat level so that when he is finished, his body can adapt to external temperature. She will now be able to throw a glance of eyes and throw a glance at a certain point.

He will also see the light coming through his mother’s belly. eye star will automatically respond to the intensity of light. For example, if the intensity of the light penetrating through the belly of the mother’s belly is greater then its eyes will be diminished automatically. The body of the child is still covered by Vernix (vernix, which is covered with white, slippery skin covering the baby inside the womb), but Lanugo (lanugo, soft hair layer on the skin of the fetus) gradually started to blend in.

Even now your baby’s brain will continue to grow and it will be very fast At the same time the development of lungs will continue. Because at this time, the hormone of cortisol from the adrenal gland will be released, which will accelerate the development of the lung. The position of this adrenal gland is just above the kidney.

If your child is a boy, then his testicle will slowly move downwards. For some children the testicles are raised upward, which return to normal place in the year of birth. After birth, the boy has a small swelling of the testicles in the baby’s case and the girl child, which becomes normal during the week of birth.

Condition this week

The baby in the womb will start to fall down on the stomach, in particular, on the pelvis. As a result, now your pressure on the lungs will decrease and breathing does not stop to breathe. But, at this stage, because the baby will come down again, your urine speed will increase again and you will have to go to the bathroom frequently. Now you will need to feel more tired because now you will not get any comfort now. And, due to frequent urine pressure, you have to leave the bed several times in the night, and you will also have problems sleeping. Keep yourself relaxed. You must have enough energy stored for the coming day. Because of fatigue, you can now see everything blurred.

Now your breasts will be ready for milk production. If you notice, you will see that your nipples will be darker. Now a small amount of milk (Pre-Milk / Colostrum) will be released from your breasts. The first few days before the preparation of milk suitable for the feeding of the baby, the fluid is produced. Put a wipes of the tissue or nursing pad under the bra to avoid any uncomfortable circumstances.

For the past few weeks, your cervical muscles are very tense. Suddenly, your uterine muscles may suddenly start to feel creepy from the 20th week, but there will be no pain in it. This is called Braxton hicks contraction (also called prodromal labor or practice contractions). But if this tendency of the muscles is high and there is pain with it, then you should go to the doctor because it may be pre-delivery of premature labor.

Do not see if there is any abnormalities in your vaginal discharge. If there is sudden increase in the discharge, or there is a small amount of blood in the discharge, or if the discharge type is mucoid and excess fluid, then it can be a symptom of complications. If there is pain in the stomach or lower back (hip joint) during menstrual period, such pain may be your own. If you and your partner have already studied the symptoms of real birth-delivery, it would be better for you. Especially if this is your first child, then you will understand the symptoms as soon as the symptoms start – now is the time!

Need to do

Many people spent the entire time sitting in Pregnancy. It should not be at all. If the doctor tells you not to stay in bed rest, and have no other complications, stay active. Do light work at home. Spend your doctor with advice. Go for morning and evening. The weight will be low, the body will be healthy, the normal delivery channels will increase.

Yoga Very useful yoga for normal delivery. In this, the body muscles will remain loose, the weight will remain under control, even the stress will decrease. So make regular yoga to reduce the pain of delivery. But of course, consult a doctor.

Workers Moments Pause Work From This Time Moving to the office, walking in the vehicle will be harmful for the body. Moreover, traveling to a remote place without the advice of the doctor is absolutely prohibited for this period.

If you have a baby in the hospital, keep clothes, money, service providers beforehand. Keep the necessary telephone number before delivery begins. The last weeks of pregnancy seem to be very long. So do something like this that you do not feel bored.

Start thinking what you want to do for your child. Start Collecting Essential Items If you have more children, spend time with them. Keep the same blood group with friends or relatives who can donate blood if needed.

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