pregnancy by week. week 33

By 33 weeks of pregnancy, your child’s brain and nervous system will be fully developed. The 4-pound weight and the 45-cm-length child can now be compared with a pineapple. The baby’s crookedness is rapidly disappearing and her skeleton is getting stronger. The bones of the baby’s bones are now worn together so that the bones can move slightly and even move on one another. Because of this, it is easy to get out of the baby’s birthplace during delivery. The bones of the skull are unobstructed until the child is grown so that it can make room for the child’s growing brain and other tissues.

You will now have the maximum amount of amniotic fluid stored in your womb, about 1 liter. From the amount of amniotic fluid in the stomach, it can be estimated that the kidney is working properly. During this stage of pregnancy, about 500 millimeters of fluid will be produced. The baby’s lungs become more mature for the outside world. If your baby is born this week, then she may need a few artificial means to breathe. That is why if you start pain before birth, or if you have to undergo cesarean section before the possible date, then the doctor will give you injections of cortisone (Cortisone, a type of hormone, usually derived from the adrenal gland), before the delivery. This hormone will accelerate the development of the lungs so that its lungs can produce adequate surfactant (a fluid that helps in spreading the lungs during respiration) after being extinct.

He can swallow and swallow anything in the mouth. As a result, the child’s gesture will be stronger in breathing. If the child in the womb is a boy, then his testicle will be taken from the stomach position to the scrotum position.

Since the baby is growing very fast, your movements in the uterus will gradually decrease. During the pregnancy, the movement of the baby decreased. At this time, notice that the child’s movements will depend on your daily habits, such as how much you eat or what you are eating, whether you are in a position or the noise surrounding you will affect everything in its movement.

Condition this week

Now your movements will become more stable. Because, this will give you a lot of weight over your head, back pain on her. Either way getting comfortable will be difficult. If you see your walk, you may be walking like a duck. Not only that, due to high level of metabolism in the body, you will need extra heat now.

Now your hands, feet and fingers can swell due to water coming, and there may be pain. Many women were present in the carpal tunnel syndrome. Carpal tunnel syndrome is called the condition, due to the feeling of severe pain and discomfort due to the contraction of the fingers in the hand. You can try keeping your hands firm and comfortable while using splint or pillow under the hand while sleeping.

Another small problem that can be that is the change in the eyes. At this time, contact lenses will be difficult to wear. Your eyesight may also vary. However, it will not be worth thinking about taking new glasses. Because, after the baby is born, it will be fine again.

Your headache may become manifest due to severe stress, loss of appetite or just hormonal problems. Stay steady, drink plenty of water, and whenever you feel the headache starts, take a little rest.

This can occur during the end of pregnancy, especially if it is slightly coughing or not able to hold urine while raising a little heavier. If there is a problem in the urine, it will be beneficial for the doctor to follow the urine and urinary muscles.

Now maybe you’ll be a little more unhappy and forget about the important thing! This is not a complicated scientific problem, but a common occurrence of pregnancy. If you are thinking more about it, the sense of humor can increase!

Need to do

If you have a baby in the hospital, keep clothes, money, service providers beforehand. Keep the necessary telephone number before delivery begins. The last weeks of pregnancy seem to be very long. So do something like this that you do not feel bored.

Start thinking what you want to do for your child. Start Collecting Essential Items If you have more children, spend time with them. Keep the same blood group with friends or relatives who can donate blood if needed.

The mother’s diet should be kept healthy and balanced, so everyone should keep an eye on the family. In addition, the mother’s day meal will be divided into smaller portions. It will not be afraid of acidity.

Mother always has the courage and courage of the family members. In any way, he can not be told to be scared by fear. A mother and her family can give birth to a healthy, beautiful and vigorous child with proper preparation and mental courage.

If your pregnant mother is a working woman, consult your doctor about what kind of work and how long you can do that work. Your health and your pregnancy will depend on whether or not to work on your condition.

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