Pregnancy by week. Week-3

Congratulations! This week you are said to be officially pregnant. At this time, one of the regulatory elements of genealogy is complete of genetic makeup and the child’s gender is determined. Within three days of pregnancy, the fertilized egg split very fast and becomes very large. It reached the uterus with the Fallopian tube, and is connected to the uterus. At this time, the formation of the intestinal limb of the uterus (placenta) began to form the nucleus of the embryo.

At this time your baby size is equal to a small ball (Blastocyst). Amniotic fluid deposited around this small force on which the cell division started. It will once become an amniotic sign. It’s like a water bag in which the baby will grow up.

This week, the size of your baby’s baby can be compared with a paste. The child is developing various parts of his day and night to communicate with you and to your needs. Your baby is growing inside an amniotic sac (amniotic fluid) inside the amniotic fluid, the thickness of the bag increases further, the internal fluid further increases the frown from the outside injury. At this stage, there are three ‘Germ’ layers of embryonic shape – ectoderm, mesoderm, and endoderm. Ectoderm to form the exterior and nervous system of the child. Mesoderm will form the auxiliary skeleton, muscles, and heart. The lungs and the rest will be in the form of the endoderm.

Your child looks like a reversed little pearl now. The round part will be the head from the head and the narrow part will be the spinal cord. The best news this week is that even after this small pear-shaped baby body is not formed properly, very gentle heart rate has already started. During the next two weeks the baby’s heart will be fully formed.

Some changes may occur during this time-

  • The breasts become soft and swollen.
  • Tiredness
  • Frequency of frequent urination
  • Some food disorders
  • Nausea
  • Getting physical temperature increases
  • Blinding or spitting (Some people notice light spots or red or reddish or pink discharge with discharge, which is not monthly, if you experience pain with it, then consult the specialist immediately, because it may be a symptom of Ectopic pregnancy.

This week should be done

First look for a good gynecologist. This is very important because you have to depend on your gynecologist during pregnancy and delivery time.

Notify your doctor about your pregnancy to the doctor who visits you. So that does not give any medicine that is not safe for pregnancy.

Folic acid rich Pre-natal vitamin.

At this time eating habits need to be changed and you need to be more aware of what you have to eat. If you do not start vitamin, then you should start it right now, especially if you are a vegetarian mother. Folic acid is an important vitamin, in which absence of the child’s spinal cord can be defective, it is called spina bifida. Protein and calcium are also important. You will need calcium in your body to build bones, so your body needs sufficient amount of calcium. Are you eating more milk and milk products? Protein is especially important for  body tissue formation. In this situation, you may suffer from malnutrition, so be aware of food habits and accept it if you need additional advice.

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