Pregnancy by week. week 23

This week of pregnancy, your baby’s weight will be up to a pound of about one pound, the size of a gambler. But the body of the child will be like 11 inches tall. The baby in the womb is now very much like the stranger but much dry. Your child will still get more weight. Even though you are pregnant for 23 weeks now, but your organs and bones of your baby are visible through their skin (which looks reddish for developing veins and arteries). However, once the fat gets permanently frozen in his body, his skin will become unreliable.

The child will now feel your movement and listen to the word even more clearly. If you leave any song now and dance to her rhythm, she can also feel it. The daily words, such as the voice of the nearby person, the traffic of the traffic of the traffic, he will be accustomed a bit.

When the child returns to the stomach, it will also be visible to you now. The baby’s lung blood vessels are now rapidly developing so that the baby can breathe shortly after birth.


Condition this week

Your ankle and feet may start to swell from now and at the end of the day it may become more painful for you. Oedema or swelling of feet is a common problem during pregnancy. Fluid retention due to the increase in water in the blood vessels of the feet is such a swelling. The blood vessels that circulate blood on your legs cause pressure on the drains due to the condition of the baby in the womb. As a result, water from the blood and some salts separate from the blood vessel through the tissues of the feet and the legs become swollen. There may be variation in water and blood in other parts of your body, which can increase the likelihood of Oedema. However, if the foot swings too much, it may be a symptom of preeclampsia. If there is any doubt about that, please consult specialist.

When the child grows in the mother’s stomach and the growth of the mother’s stomach is also normal. It is not unusual for a mother to walk or to have a ‘waist pain’ and ‘knee pain’ during various activities. At this time, problems of bone joints can be considered as a cause of pain in the waist. But due to ligament lapse during pregnancy, there may be pain in the legs. And some hormones in the pregnancy are responsible for this. Nor can it be due to excess weight.


Need to do

There are various physical problems during pregnancy. During this time there may be back pain, no sleep at night, constipation etc. The benefits of exercise are here. Regular exercise reduces pain on back, constipation is removed. Exercise reduces stress and angiite helps sleep at night. The appearance of the body brings brightness to increase blood circulation. At this time the joint becomes loose for the change of the heart. So can be pain on the hands, legs. Exercise is the lubricating fluid inside the joint, increasing its volume, decreases the pain of the hands and legs. The child tones the lower part of the body and prepares the body for delivery. Empowering muscle reduces labor pains during delivery. There is a lot of change in the body after gestation. These are often difficult to accept; So mind-mood is not good. When you exercise, a kind of chemical is released in the brain, which helps keep the heart healthy. Besides, the body’s energy level keeps the mood better. Regular exercise during pregnancy increases the weight of your weight after becoming a child. However, if you do not have any type of exercise, do not start any exercise yourself without consulting the doctor.

You do not want to increase your weight excessively. If there is excessive weight during pregnancy, then there is a risk of developing many complications during childbirth, especially during childbirth.

Add more protein, folic acid and urine rich foods to your daily diet list. These ingredients are much more needed for the growth of the baby growing in your womb. Try eating plenty of Vitamin-C.



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