Pregnancy by week. week-22

It will be clear by this week that the baby will be seen at the time of birth, although its size is still small. It is very similar to medium-sized papas. His lips, eyebrows and eye-leaf wings will continue to develop. Although his eyes have already developed, yet his eyes still cannot be understood. After a few days, his iris (iris, eye-glove) will start to contain the color. The baby’s development in the graft starts from now.

His nails of his hands and feet are now almost complete and his physical structure is becoming more effective and characteristic. At the end of this week, the whole body of the child will be covered in the soft hair of Lanugo. These hairy coatings will be mixed before birth. Even after birth, there will be a cover in some parts, and within a few days, it will also be mixed.  The skin of the child will now have many folds. However, these folds will gradually become loose during fat accumulation. The child will move much more during the process and can respond if you hear the sound.


Condition this week

Now your ‘pregnant stomach’ will be quite visible. However, it should also be remembered that some of the stomachs are so big that some of them do not grow too big again. So, there is no reason to worry about whether your stomach is bigger or smaller than other pregnant mothers known. From now on your weight will increase by half a pound every week. Must eat good food, but it should also be careful that not too much calorie foods are eaten. Measure your calories and learn how to suppress intense hunger for sweet foods at this time.

The stomach is expanding to increase the child, tanning in the skin. As a result, the stretch marks will start reading from the skin. These stains can be seen on your stomach, breasts and thighs. At first, these stains will be like red lines, then gradually the silver will be colored ash. Of course, it depends on your skin color. Although there is no evidence that anti-stretch mark lotions or oils work perfectly, still the stains are removed and it provides relief from itching.

Nipple’s shape may grow and the jackal may fall in color. Around the nipple (areola) can be small bronchial. These are known as Montgomery’s Tubercles and help to prepare breast for breast feeding. Do not push them or try to remove them. It’s not unnecessary like the mouth of the mouth.

Besides, changes in body during pregnancy can surprise you –

  • Increased hair density
  • The abundance of hair in different parts of the body
  • Changes in skin color and acne
  • Breast swelling or breasts grow
  • Growing legs

Pregnant hormones can cause you many other problems. Many women suffer from severe headaches and back problems.

Your attraction to your partner will be more intense this week. Now you feel more relaxed. Many women have been told that at this time sexual desire (libido) is increased and at this stage of pregnancy they enjoyed the most enjoyment. This is due to the emission of estrogen hormones and excess blood circulation in your reproductive system.

Need to do

Take your partner along with you when you go to a doctor. Then both of them will be able to know about the pregnancy problems.

Mothers can see many nightmares during pregnancy, and they are depressed. These mental changes are rare for all women. However, this is not a “clinical depression” disease, so it does not require any kind of treatment. The need is only for the family and the people around us. But if you do not take care of this, then he may slowly move towards depression. It will then cause the child to be pregnant. Tachra gets a new turn in this time by giving support to the new one.

Add more protein, folic acid and urine rich foods to your daily diet list. These ingredients are much more needed for the growth of the baby growing in your womb. Try eating plenty of Vitamin-C.

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