Pregnancy by week. week-15

This week of pregnancy is 9-10 pm. Mr. It is tall and weighs 100 grams. The skin is very thin and the hair starts to grow. The size of the womb will be quite active in this week. Occasionally she will take a little sleep. Then, when the power is restored, the other time he will constantly snatch.

His senses are stronger than the last week. The child’s intro and will already be formed. As a result, if you now sing him a song, he will be able to hear clearly. His vision will be well developed this week. If you lighten the belly on the child’s position, then it will move itself away from the light source.

Your condition this week

Feeling refreshed again? Enjoy as much time as possible for this freshness. Go to the store, buy new clothes. Now the size of the cloth is not there anymore. If eating habits are normal, start eating different types of foods. Thus, after the baby’s birth, after breastfeeding, he will start eating solid food, he will easily accept them.

As the body’s blood flow increases, the feeling of warming will also be high. At this time the blood can be drained by the nose. Some of the noses are closed. After eating, the book may cause irritation or soreness, and stomach swelling. Meanwhile, there are many problems of inflammation of the mouth, so it is important to take care of teeth and gums.

It’s all about forgetting about this new problem that you can suffer. If it is, then all the fault hormones! You may have forgotten where you put the key, or the appointment you have with the doctor will probably be in your mind. But, that does mean that you are going to be infectious to a memorable disease like Alzheimer’s. Play hormones at all. You can write everything in a diary, or keep an alarms. Forgetting everything during pregnancy, this pregnancy is called pregnancy amnesia (pregnancy amnesia). This condition will remain for some time after the pregnancy, then the symptoms of hormonal withdrawal will also be removed.

From that time on, the size of the lingerie you wear does not seem to fit anymore. You will also notice that your nipples are surrounded by dark colors. The breasts will become more heavy, extra sensitive and the feeling of swelling and pain will also increase. Be aware of these issues beforehand so that the sudden change is not surprising.

Feeling like being shut down? The feeling of being close to pregnancy is very normal. This is because your abdominal pressure causes diaphragm (abdominal and chest curtains).

Due to increased body metabolism, body temperature may increase during this period. Due to an increase in blood flow, the body may be hot and may cause excessive sweating.


Some tips for pregnancy this week

  • It is very important to take care of pest during pregnancy. Dump should be kept clean during this time. During pregnancy, there is a lot of blood flow in the mouth. Therefore, care should be taken from morning to morning care. The need to brush the teeth before bedtime every morning and night. Consult a dentist for any problems that may be caused by a tooth or gum.


  • There is no need to drink plenty of water for constipation. Drink at least eight glasses of water a day. There are fiber foods such as vegetables, fruits, banquets, pulses, flour etc. No medicines can be used to remove constipation without consulting the doctor.


  • Light exercises should be done but heavy work can not be done. Should not work in groans or drowsy. Be careful while walking. We all know these but do not do it right. But be aware of the child’s future.


  • The growth of the baby during pregnancy depends largely on the mother. Healthy mother means healthy children. Mother needs to provide all kinds of food for the full growth of the baby. The mother also eats the food, the children also eat the food and get nutrients. For this reason, the need for a pregnant mother is much more than normal women. The child will not get better without taking the right amount of food. As a result, children are born with malnutrition.

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