Make your skin firm and youthful again with collagen serum

Make your skin firm and youthful again with collagen serum



Our body produces a protein named collagen, which keeps our skin firm. As we grow old our body stops producing this protein less and less and our skin loses its elasticity and firmness. Collagen serum is one of the best ways to replace this insufficiency.

How does collagen serum work?

Collagen molecules are too big so the skin cannot absorb it. So how does it help to improve the elasticity and firmness? Collagen serum helps to stimulate the production of natural collagen inside our body.

Collagen serums usually contain vitamin C and several other antioxidants along with pure collagen. So when we apply collagen serum it fills in wrinkles and fine lines and keeps our skin moisturized.

Wash and clean your face thoroughly before applying the collagen serum. Once your face is dry apply tiny dots of serum overall on your face and neck. Massage in a circular motion and blend the serum evenly. Then lock it by applying the moisturizer you normally use.

Collagen serums normally contain water-base but there are some serums which contain oil-base. That serum might cause inflammation and itchiness if you have acne prone skin. So, check the ingredients before purchasing any collagen serum. Also if you have acne-prone skin, you can try collagen serums that contain glycolic acid and C vitamin.

Side effects of serum collagen

Collagen serums are one of the best inventions for beauty concern people. Unlike collagen cream or other products, collagen serum works faster and shows the better result. However, using too much serum or not following the rules will show side-effects, which might lead to some serious disease. Especially if you have sensitive or acne-prone skin, you should be very careful about these side effects-

  • Sensitive skin- Collagen serum works better than collagen cream because it contains stronger ingredients. If you have sensitive skin, you might feel irritation and inflammation because of that.
  • Acne prone skin- If you have acne-prone skin wrong or excessive use of collagen serum will result in great harm. Acne-prone skin absorbs the serum less than it should. The remaining serum can be a source of free- radicals which damage the healthy cells of your body. This will affect your immune system and might lead to cancer.

People with normal skin does not face these problems normally. So, if you have sensitive or acne-prone skin, do consult with your doctor before applying any collagen serum.

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