If you see signs of danger during pregnancy, you will have to take fast action

The time is very important until the child’s birth comes to his womb. Might be a little unaware of the loss of the mother and her unborn child. So let’s know some risk signs of pregnancy.

Different danger signals

Those symptoms cannot be ignored

No matter how much you keep reading about pregnancy, or talking to other mothers, it is difficult to tell if everything in your own 9 months is normal.

Here are some of the symptoms that seen in the danger. If you find a small presence of these symptoms, contact the doctor immediately.

You do not feel good

Even if you do not have any symptoms, you do not feel good or you feel physically disheartened – if this is the case, then talk to the doctor on your own discretion. If there is really a problem then you will get instant services. If there is no problem then you will come back home with a smile.

Your doctor will want you to call him about such small things, and he will be happy to give you the necessary advice. There is a lot of physical change in you so much that it is difficult to understand that everything is fine.

Abdominal Pain

If there is the pain like unbearable and seizure on the surface of your abdomen or middle, and if it is vomiting, or not, then it may be due to any other reason. You may be indigested, or you may have abdominal pain due to any bowel problem or food poisoning. And if it is a symptom of pre-eclampsia, then you have to take quick treatment.

If there is a lot of pain on one side of your abdomen or on either side, there may be many reasons. For example, a ligament may be pulled up, or any other problem may cause abdominal pain

  • Pregnancy outside of the uterus
  • Abortion
  • Unborn delivery pain
  • The development and bleeding of any fibroid
  • Cut off from the womb


If you have fever, if the temperature is above 37.5 degrees Celsius and there is no cold or chronic respiratory infection, then talk to the doctor on the same day.

If the temperature exceeds 39 degrees Celsius, call the doctor immediately. It may be for any type of infection. The doctor may give you antibiotics and ask you to rest. If the body temperature is above 39 degrees Celsius for long periods, it may be harmful to your pregnant baby.

Eye Problems

If you look at the pair for more than two hours, look vague or blurry, or flashlight is like flashing, then tell the doctor. These may be symptoms of pre-eclampsia.

Swelling of hands and feet

In pregnancy, hands, feet, or swelling of the eyes (oedema) are very common phenomena, it is thought that there is nothing to worry about. But if it is an acute abnormal level and there is a problem with your headache, then it is a pre-eclampsia symptom.

Light or heavy bleeding with vagina

In the early part of the pregnancy, when fetal prosthesis occurs on the uterus, light bleeding is normal. Nevertheless, it is better to talk to the doctor at any time during the pregnancy, because it may be a sign of too much complexity.

  • If this bleeding is different from your normal menstrual discharge (light, heavy or darker), as well as continuous intolerable pain on one side of the abdomen, then it is an ectopic pregnancy.
  • If there is heavy blood flow in the back or abdominal pain, then there is a possibility of abortion or abortion.
  • When bleeding in the end of pregnancy, it can indicate that the womb is down or isolated from the uterus, which can lead to labor pain from a long time prior to the scheduled time (before 37 weeks).

Suddenly thirst increased

If you suddenly get thirsty for your constant water, but if you do not have urine in proportion, then there may be symptoms of diabetes or diarrhea. In either case, you and the pregnant baby are at risk of complications.

If you have urine in the urine during urine and have fever, shivering and back pain, then it is understandable that you have urinary tract infections. Talk to your doctor, she can give you some antibiotics.


If you have more than twice a day of vomiting, you may become lean and weak, although it will not harm your child. If you have excessive amounts and continuous vomiting, talk to the doctor (hyperemesis gravidarum) because you may also be admitted to hospital.

At the end of the pregnancy, if there is vomiting with severe pain in the ribs, then there may be signs of pre-eclampsia. If there are a stomach ache and high temperature with vomiting, then there may be any infection. Whatever the matter, talk to the doctor.

Feeling faint or dizziness

Being unconscious or drifting may mean that you did not eat enough-you did not drink it, and it might also be that your blood pressure has decreased. During pregnancy, many women wear head If you become unconscious, after you return to the knowledge of the doctor, make sure that everything is okay.

The child’s movement is relaxed

After 21 weeks, if your pregnant baby is slow or not in 24 hours, then you have to understand that there is a problem with the baby. If you notice that your child is undergoing less movement than other times, then contact the doctor or hospital. Read more about baby nudity and learn when to seek help.

Itching during pregnancy

For any liver complications, such as Obstetric Cholestasis (OC). If you have OC then your jaundice may be accompanied by dark urine and pale closet.

Since your skin is expanding with the development of the child, some itching is normal. Still, it is better to check once, especially if there is severe itching in the lower part of the foot and in the palms of the palms and it increases in the night.

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