Common misconceptions about abortion

Miscrease or abortion is a very common problem. About 20 percent of the girls have to go through this unfortunate experience. In most cases, no reason can be found. There are very few ways to prevent it. Nevertheless, there are several types of prejudices, misconceptions, social restrictions. Educated people are not exceptions. Today’s discussion with some of these myths or false ideas. However, we will not discuss all types of miscarriages here. Restrain the discussion of the misconceptions about the abortions that occur during the first three months of pregnancy, there is no known medical reason behind them.

Maternal abortion or miscarriage

This is a complete misconception. Office work, family work, or temporary pressure Рoften leads to abortion. But there is no science-based evidence. Many times the mothers themselves blame themselves.

Abortion is very rare or low case

About 20 percent of the child is wasted in the first three months of pregnancy. Unbelievable but statistics say so. But those who, once, twice and even three times abortion, are most likely to have healthy children later on.

Abuse of abnormal use of computer screens is increasing

The mothers who work all day in the office may think that they increase the chances of their abortion. There have been some experiments on this and it is proven wrong.

Abortion is the reason behind abortion

Medical Termination of Pregnancy does not increase the chances of a future abortion in an appropriate place at appropriate places and at appropriate times.

Birth control pills cause abortion

Absolutely wrong idea. Every day 21 days in a four-hour pregnancy or one of those pills that are consumed every day does not increase the chances of miscarriage. But at the time of pregnancy (usually in the case of unwanted pregnancies, the mother wishes), together with many contraceptive pills, abortion can be played.

Bathe in hot water can cause abortion

During pregnancy, body temperature should not be too high. But it is not heard that a child has been wasted for bathing in hot water even if it is heard that due to high fever.

During pregnancy, sexual intercourse can lead to miscarriage

There is no evidence of this. Sex and sexual intercourse from early to late pregnancy generally do not increase the chances of miscarriage.

Pregnancy hormone supplementation can be prevented by abortion

This is a controversial issue. The results of some small research suggest that some types of progesterone hormone may have some results in preventing pregnancy during pregnancy. But it is scientific to try to prevent pregnancy after prolonged bleeding in vaginal bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy – it is necessary to test whether it is beneficial to apply progesterone in a large number of patients, and in many cases before speaking.

Obesity increases the risk of miscarriage

It may have something to be true if it’s true. The rate of abortion is higher among obese women. But we do not know the reason behind it. And how far weighing is “safe” and how fat it will start to increase the likelihood of miscarriage – I do not even know that. There is more research needed before making sure of this.

HCG injections can prevent abortions

It is a controversial topic of prevention of abortion by progesterone hormone supplement. It should be proved properly before imposing on such an expensive medical patient. And there is now a high-quality research done to prove that there is now.

Lying on the bed to reduce the chances of abortion

It is almost always the case of most doctors who say the possibility of miscarriage and the rest of them lie in sleep. But there is no evidence that abortion has been presented as the rest have been rested. However, it is true that many women may like to sleep while vaginal mouth bleeding occurs in early pregnancy. On the other hand, the additional rest increases the chances of deep vein thrombosis (blood clot in the deep veins of the feet) and will make the mother sicker.

Why are miscarriage or abortion?

Now the question is, what is the reason behind abortion? How does it work? Now scientists generally agree that most of the first stage abortions are due to chromosomal-related defects. The error caused by this chromosome is not just an accidental accident and it does not fall on any of the pregnancies.

When mothers are older, especially when pregnant mothers over 35 years of pregnancy increases the chances of miscarriage. But there are other reasons, for example-

Constipation of cervical structure

Birth abnormalities such as bicarbonate can cause abortion in the uterus, and there may be miscarriage due to the big tumor in the womb.


Unregulated diabetes, systemic lupus erythematosus or antiphospholipid syndrome- may cause abortion


Excess obesity increases the risk of miscarriage as well, but with this very low weight, this possibility increases.

How to prevent abortion?

Because the main reason for miscarriage is chromosomal error in the cells, so one can hardly stop it. Before pregnancy and during pregnancy, as long as the mother can remain healthy, the probability of abortion will be reduced.

If the mother is healthy before pregnancy, the embryo will also get a good living environment. Regular exercise, healthy eating habits, body weight should be kept within the limits and must be away from smoking inevitably. Diabetes, hypertension, and thyroid disease etc. should be kept regulated. Again, medicines should be selected so that they are safe for fetal fetuses. After pregnancy, these rules must be followed: Keeping healthy people, keeping them healthy, having proper weight, and keeping them under control.

Keep some things in mind

  • If you have an abortion, know that it is not enough for what you have done.
  • To prevent miscarriage, you could not do anything (except for keeping yourself generally healthy and addictive).
  • Due to chromosomal error, the child could lead to severe disorder or birth defects, nature itself prevented the possibility of being pregnant.
  • Once you are pregnant once you have a miscarriage, you do not have to take separate care or extra rest.

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