Pregnancy by week. week 36

During your pregnancy, the baby will weigh about 6 pounds  And it will increase by one ounce every day from now on. Vernix (white, oily skin covering the skin of the skin) and lanugo (lanugo, soft hair layer on the child’s skin) will start to blend in. The circulatory system and the immune system will […]

Pregnancy by week. week 35

Your baby’s size is almost equal to a coconut in this week of pregnancy. From this week until her birth, her weight will increase, but she will not grow longer. Now he is about 18 inches long and weighs about 5.5 pounds. Her senses will now be stronger and her new neural (neuronal) connection will […]

pregnancy by week. week 33

By 33 weeks of pregnancy, your child’s brain and nervous system will be fully developed. The 4-pound weight and the 45-cm-length child can now be compared with a pineapple. The baby’s crookedness is rapidly disappearing and her skeleton is getting stronger. The bones of the baby’s bones are now worn together so that the bones […]

Pregnancy by week. week 31

In the pregnancy week, the weight of the baby is 1700-1800 gram and  42 cm tall. The baby can be compared to a pineapple this week. She will become so big that pressure on your lungs will increase and you will feel like stopping your breath. His movement will be more than ever before and […]

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