Lose The Extra Pounds With Keto

Lose your extra pounds with Keto

People are going crazy over this new diet: Keto diet. Studies showed that people on keto diet lose weight 2.2 times more than other diets.

What exactly is a keto diet?

Keto diet or Ketogenic diet is one of the low carb diets in which carb level is minimized to the lowest & fat level is maximized. Now some people might wonder how come ‘fat’ make people skinny? We have the answer for you.

How does keto works?

Normally our body gains energy by burning carb. On the keto diet, carb level is minimized which left our body no choice other than burning stored fat for energy. When a person minimizes his/her carb intake, his/her glucose level falls.

It changes body’s metabolic state into ‘ketosis’ in which the liver produces ‘ketones’ by burning fats for energy and burning fat is all you need to lose weight. Also, carb increases the water level in your body. Once you start to minimize carb intake, you’ll start to lose that water weight from your body.

What to eat?

Another reason for Keto being popular is because of its food habit you can keep your tummy happy and full. This made diet lot easier and more enjoyable. Foods that are allowed in Keto are- milk, butter, omega 3 egg, meat, fish, cheese, healthy oil, nuts, low carb veggies, and condiments.

Avoid foods containing carbs, such as- rice, pasta, milk,  bread, corn, beans and any type of sugar.

One thing you have to remember that you cannot keep yourself hungry. When you skip your meal or starve yourself for a long time, your body starts to store fat in case of emergency assuming it’s on strike.

Why follow ketogenic diet?

Along with the weight loss benefit, people enjoy several other benefits of this diet.

Let’s see what are those-

  • Manage diabetes– Almost 300 million people are suffering from type 2 diabetes worldwide. Carbs break down into sugars and enter into our bloodstream, which increases blood sugar level in our body. For people who are healthy, their body naturally produces insulin to decrease this sugar level, which doesn’t happen to a diabetes patient. So, they have to take medication. On keto diet, carbs intake is minimized, which reduces the need for insulin. A study showed that by reducing carb intake 95.2% patient were able to eliminate or reduce their medication within six months.
  • Reduce blood pressure– Low carb diets don’t only reduce blood sugar level but also reduce blood pressure and help to lead a healthy life.
  • Deal with brain disease– In this low carb diet, our brain burns ketones to produce energy. This process is being used for decades for treating children’s epilepsy. After successful result scientists and doctors are studying keto diet/ low carb diet for other brain diseases, such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease.
  • Increase HDL– HDL or high-density lipoprotein in called the ‘good cholesterol’. The higher the level of HDL in our blood is, the lower the risk of heart disease is. And keto dies surprisingly increases the level of HDL in our blood.
  • Improve LDL– LDL or low-density lipoprotein is known as the ‘bad cholesterol’. A low carb diet reduces the number of LDL particles in our bloodstream and makes them bigger, which reduces the risk of heart diseases.

Every good thing also has some side effects or drawbacks too and keto diet is not different of them. Despite having so many benefits, some patient may face difficulties in this diet. So, it’ll be better to consult with your doctor before adopting this lifestyle. It is also said that long-term keto diet may cause harm to the body. So make sure you follow this diet as long as it does good to you, which is approximately three or three and a half months.


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